iGROUP Bonus Administration Guidelines
 Effective January 1, 2013 the iGROUP will facilitate the payment of bonus commissions to marketing offices under the following guidelines. Bonus commissions will be paid at the end of the month for the prior month’s business as reported by each individual insurance company. Bonuses may be based on annualized premium, collected premium, or net earnings depending on the insurance company.

  1. All bonus checks cut will be charged a processing fee of $25 per bonus check, regardless of how many insurance companies are included in the bonus or the amount of the bonus. This fee will be entered as an adjustment on the bonus statement. If a bonus check is less than the amount required to cover the processing fee of $25, then the fee will be charged up to $25 processing resulting in a net $0 bonus.
  2. Bonus administration fee is waived for any bonus check in excess of $1000.
  3. Marketing offices with down-line agencies receiving bonus will be charged a flat $25 fee for each bonus check administrated to their down-line, regardless of the check amount. For example, if a down-line agency is administrated a $5 bonus check, then the $25 processing fee will apply and be charged directly to the up-line marketing company.
  4. Any changes to a bonus, including the addition or deletion of down-line offices to bonus administration must be submitted in writing no later than the 5th of the month in which the bonus is processed.
  5. Only approved $1 Million Dollar bonus organizations with existing bonuses of at least $10,000 monthly for the last 12 consecutive months will be eligible to request a down-line agency to receive bonus processing.

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